real people, real stories, real results.

Video testimonial, infomercial and media production with just the right touch of Hollywood magic.


We provide a full range of media services from producing and editing video content that covers from social media needs to testimonial, infomercial and full service video production.


All video production is not created equal. Our highly unique process emphasizes your story, what makes you and your business unique and brings a touch of Hollywood Magic while keeping it real for the modern audience.

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how we produce results

An insider look about how we do it from our CEO, Cassidy Torrey.

Your project is meant to be seen by the masses and I want you to be able to reach as many people as possible with your message. The key to grasping your audience with content is to have them suspend disbelief.   

Believe it or not, Shakespeare developed story structure centuries ago and if you follow their format your message will ring true.

It’s important to have what we call “intrinsic interest” which is how you catch your audience’s attention. Without interest your audience will “tune out” and the message will fall on deaf ears.

we call this
process the 5 p’s

To further enhance the suspension of disbelief it’s important to relate the type of content you create to your audience. For instance, if you are using “fake” actors for real life content it may destroy the suspension of disbelief.

This is why acting or using real subjects can create or destroy the escapism process to the audience. 

I hope this letter finds you well and that you provide through your content the suspension of disbelief to be able to amplify your message to the masses.

about cassidy torrey

Cassidy Torrey is a national content creator who began his start with Runway Media Group producing video content for

He then set off on his own to start his own commercial video company which launched his career as a new media producer.

His work has been seen across the nation in commercial ad campaigns and has gained a mastery in business to business video productions.

In addition to owning his company, he has propelled further in his career producing series for streaming and his career has led him to operate a Hollywood level studio where he is the acting COO.