Promise, Proof, Picture, Pitch, and Polish.


What do you promise your audience is receiving from you or your company?

This is your commitment to your audience. The promise defines you as an expert and creates a value based on what you say you can do. We refine this promise to resonate and ring true for our clients.


What can your audience visualize if they hire you?

Through visualization and manifestation, the picture refines a concept and creates the full scope of an idea to reach the end goal.


What have you done in the past that makes your audience trust you?

The proof of your promise. Proof allows trust to attract your audience using previous experiences customers have had, statistics, or promotional content related to a result.


What are they getting for how much?

This is where you communicate your offer, service, or message. These are the terms of your brand and the exchange of services for either compensation or action.


How do you want to display your services/product?

This is how you present yourself to the world. The quality of your marketing, promotional content, and overall brand look. The polish reflects your brand quality.

production examples

production phases

How Manifest Media Broker Group Gets Your Project Done.

pre production

We plan out the production in full.

Don’t prepare, prepare to fail! During the pre-production phase we schedule and plan for the production of your video content.

We work directly with our clients to arrange an efficient production schedule and hire the right people to accomplish your overall vision.


We film your production with our crew and gear.

Without a professional crew, a camera is just a camera. We hire vetted production crews and use top of the line filming gear to produce the highest quality digital deliverables.

Our on site production teams travel anywhere in the nation to provide you with custom content specific to your brand.

Artificial intelligence will never be able to capture real people telling their experience with you or your brand.

post production

Our editors finalize your videos.

Our editors work directly with your company to finalize your digital deliverables.

Our post production video lab will add graphics, lower, thirds, or any other digital assets you need for your production.

Our editors will create rough drafts of your video for you to review and we will apply any notes directly from our clients.


Our distribution connections launch your videos.

Our company is well connected to media buyers, commercial campaigns, and even movie distributors national and international.

If you have content our distributors and media buyers will find the right place to gain the highest impact for your videos.

Our staff is trained to find the best viable option for your media and can even negotiate deals on your behalf.

about cassidy torrey

Cassidy Torrey is a national content creator who began his start with Runway Media Group producing video content for

He then set off on his own to start his own commercial video company which launched his career as a new media producer.

His work has been seen across the nation in commercial ad campaigns and has gained a mastery in business to business video productions.

In addition to owning his company, he has propelled further in his career producing series for streaming and his career has led him to operate a Hollywood level studio where he is the acting COO.